Scum Villain System Ch. 6 & news

Hiya all!

Thank you for participating in the poll! Scum Villain System won by a landslide, ahahaha~

So update schedule will focus on Scum Villain System (aiming for weekly releases) and other novels will be put as lesser priorities.

Also, we’ve got a new editor! Yay for Luen! Some of the earlier chapters will be smoothed out as we go, but I’ll make sure to add in TN if a past chapter’s been edited.

And here’s your weekly dose of squeeee~

Scum Villain System: Chapter 6

NOT A CHAPTER UPDATE. New poll so I sort out translating priorities

Soooo… I will admit that I’m caught up more with Scum Villain System translations more than With One Smile. It has easier Chinese (comparatively) than With One Smile and shorter chapters. Plus it’s simply my guilty pleasure project that I turn to by default.


I’ve gotten a lot more feedback from Scum Villain System than With One Smile, so I’m wondering if anyone out there is still reading With One Smile. I’ll still translate it regardless, but if hardly anyone’s reading it then I’ll probably shift priority to Scum Villain System.


Please take this poll and let me know what you’re here for. I’ve also added it to the polls page. :3



With One Smile Ch4, Scum Villain System Ch3

Mweheheheh, I bring two updates even though I’m late…?

*ducks and hides*

With One Smile Chapter 4

Scum Villain System Chapter 3

Also, I skimmed MTL for With One Smile. The chapters are super long so I don’t think I’ll ever be able to crank it out weekly. 😦

Still going to churn it out as fast as I can though lol, our ML for With One Smile shows up in Chapter 10-ish. I wanna get us there stat. ^_^