Scum Villain System: Chapter 24

BWAHAHAHA I'M RUNNING ON TEA FUMES. *cough, excuse my crazy, cough* Lol, double-strength tea for me tomorrow but here's your update. Also, cliffy warning: Chapter 24


Update Notice

RL steamrolling me with piles of homework and exams. Scum Villain update will be pushed to Monday or Tuesday, so don't wait up. A nice piece of fanart to tide you over~ From left to right: Luo Binghe, Shen Qingqiu, Yue Qingyuan, Liu Qingge. Edit: Fixed direction lol. I meant left to right.

Status update: Still alive~

So I'm planning on a double update, only it might come super late today or sometime tomorrow. Apologies for being late, I had (have) a bunch of fall semester and interview things to handle. Meanwhile, here's a bit of fanart I found to tide you over~ ╮ (╯ ▽ ╰) ╭