Chubby unicorn’s struggles

…and wrestling with translation again. Issue isn’t footnotes as much as getting tone/wording just right. I’ll also be releasing some other stuff as compensation for being perpetually late ;A;

…your wonderful editor Luen translated a Q&A extra

…I’ve got Chinese fanfics translated

…and maybe more depending on how much I get done

Thanks again and sorry for the wait *chubby unicorn kowtow*


Status update

Sorry for dropping off the grid for a while, but RL and freaking chapter giving me stitches. Will post later today or more likely, tomorrow (but definitely within the week)

*does sliding dogeza*

*just about sacrifices a sheep in guilt*

Quick heads-up

I’ve got a final exam coming that needs studying. Next chapter getting pushed back to around Wednesday, maybe earlier if lucky.

Thank you all for your patience!

*goes back to slaving over textbooks*

Scum Villain System: Chapter 29


Felt like it was twenty footnotes before I cut it down to 13. Please don’t get scared off by the footnotes, ahhhhh–

Thank you all for being the bestest readers ever and patiently waiting and being supportive. *throws hugs and and a flood of virtual cookies*

Here’s the chapter~

Chapter 29

Update 3

Still trying to shrink my footnotes. I’ve got freaking 15 or so, now to get that down to hopefully something below ten.

Will update either during work today if I can get things done during break or (more likely) after I get off work.


*trundles off to bed after staying up till ~2AM despite 7AM wake-up time*

Update 2

Have like a gazillion footnotes to get rid of……

Going to need one more edit before it’s fit for reading.

*bashed head in earnest kowtow of apology*




So I suck a lot, but RL and my sadsack immune system (I get sick so easily, ugh) have kept me from updating. Good news is that I’m on my way to getting a co-translator (YEY)! Updates should be on a more dependable schedule once things are settled in stone.

Will post the long-awaited chapter 29 once I get off work tomorrow and finish editing. Next 2 chapters will be plot-building mostly, then you-know-who will be back (and I don’t mean the baldy from Harry Potter).

Thank you all again for being so patient and supportive! It means a lot to me. 🙂