NOT AN UPDATE: Delaying Scum Villain Chapter 19

As the title says, I’ll be delaying Scum Villain Chapter 19 release. I have way too much going on right now since I’m nearing end of the summer semester. Ugh, finals. It should be released tomorrow (Monday) or Tuesday at the latest. I’ll see about getting an extra chapter out for your patience if time allows. ^_^

Me facing finals = this face:


News Update: Chapter tomorrow

Just letting you all know that Scum Villain Chapter 18 will likely come out tomorrow rather than today. Hit upon a snag in translating. Don’t wait up and please get sleep lol.

Chubby Unicorn Grandmaster faces off against Chinese Slang!

Chubby Unicorn uses Translate!

It’s not effective!

Chinese Slang counterattacks with Confusion!

It’s super effective!

Chubby Unicorn is down for 1 turn!