Scum Villain: Chapter 30 + news

FINALLY CHAPTER 30 DONE. RIP my sleep because it’s like 10 pages in Word + editing. *cries*

I apologize again for taking so long and for putting everyone on a chapter anticipation rollercoaster — someone told me that my status updates were giving that impression. My status updates are a projection and not a hard and fast deadline, so sorry if I misled anyone. ;-;

Next chapter will be definitely on time because my co-translator (welcome her, she’s saving my bum with updates) readerz already has it ready. This should give me enough buffer time so every chapter will be on time. *fingers crossed*

My RL and health still not so great but I won’t give up on this story! *raises hoof to sky*

Here’s the chapter and thanks for reading the notes:

Chapter 30


15 thoughts on “Scum Villain: Chapter 30 + news

  1. I’m very when I saw chapter 30 in novelupdate after such a long time. But I will not read it now, I will save it for later when ML appears as YANDERE CRAZY MAN……*nosebleed* ❤ ❤ ❤
    Just tell me when that part is translated!!!
    And you, dear translator, Please….don't overwork, please take care of your hearth first and properly.


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