Apparently I fail lol… Scum Villain status update FYI

So like a doofus, I completely forgot that some of you don’t use the NovelUpdates (NU) site for keeping track of your translations reading lol…

*kowtows furiously

I passed the project (site and all) to readerz months ago because of health and RL issues, since I wasn’t going to be giving out regular releases anytime soon and it wasn’t fair to you all.

Current chapters (regularly released every week) by readerz can be found at her site (it’s different from mine), or here:

NU table of contents/project page for Scum Villain

Again, sorry for the confusion! And I don’t check this site anymore since handing over the reigns to readerz, so if you need to get in contact please message/tag me on NU forums or on the BL discord servers.

Thank you for being supportive readers and I hope you’ll support readerz as she continues with Scum Villain translations too — she does a great job. 🙂


Status update T~T

So my health is worse than I thought and RL just compounded it. I’m not going to depress you all with the details, but I won’t be able to update for some time. A long time (as in months).

At best, it’ll be little stuff like teasers and whatnot. So I’m going to try and work something out with readerz or someone who can take up Scum Villain translations because it isn’t fair for you all to get caught on a cliffy and have to hang on it by your fingernails because my health’s getting in the way. But worst case scenario (if no one’s picking it up), I’ll continue translating it and it won’t be dropped!

But before that, I swear I’m going to get Chapter 32 done this week, as well as some teasers/goodies I promised before but never got around to.

Sorry again everyone, and thanks for being supportive! You’re all wonderful cinnamon buns too good for this world~

*chubby unicorn hug*

Scum Villain: Chapter 31


This chapter is on time for once because of her. *hugs her and dances around*

My turn to translate next week — a not-so-mystery bun’s going to make an appearance in Chapter 32~

But I digress, here’s the chapter:

Chapter 31