The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System (ongoing)

Chinese title: 人渣反派自救系统



Can’t I read stallion novels anymore?! [1]

Shen Yuan is reborn into a young man and scum villain destined to die, Shen Qingqiu.

But it must be known that the original Shen Qingqiu was sliced alive by his disciple, Luo Binghe, into a human stick! A human stick! [2]

Shen Qingqiu’s heart is a full herd of grass mud horses [3] running full tilt, yet:

“It’s not like I don’t want to hug this main character’s thighs, but who let this fucking man be so black [4]. The revenge that needs to be taken is some thousands of deeds!


Why is all the romance that should be going to the women in the plot imposed on him?

Why as a scum villain, should he still have to block gun and knife for the protagonist and sacrifice himself?


Shen Qingqiu: “……  _(:□)∠)_I think I can still save him one more time.”

He wants to prove – even scum villains can live, and live coolly at that!


It’s also the story of a small white flower who later became a black flower attacking a scholarly, scum villain type.

This is the story of a master and disciple’s everyday unknowing, very strange, dog-blood process of falling in love.

It’s also a scum villain’s firsthand account of the male protagonist turning from a small white sheep into an overbearing black king, sort of story……

[1] Stallion novel: Meaning the genre of novel with an overpowered protagonist and harem (I think).

[2] Human stick: An ancient form of torture. All four of the person’s limbs are removed, leaving only the head and body to form a ‘stick.’

[3] grass mud horses: These Chinese characters strung together make up a homonym for an expletive. Shen Yuan is basically saying ‘fuck to the umpteenth degree.’ XD

[4] black: In this case, evil and/or sly.


My own straightforward summary:

The story of a guy who transmigrates into the scum villain of one of those harem xuanhuan/xianxia novels. The scum villain, Shen Qingqiu, is one of those looks-noble-but-is-actually-a-hypocrite types. Shen Qingqiu’s disciple is the ‘main character’ of the novel (Luo Binghe) who gradually turns blacker the more tragic things happen to him.

With the help of a very troll system, the new Shen Qingqiu tries to stay alive by staying on Luo Binghe’s good side (the original Shen Qingqiu was very mean to Luo Binghe, hence his terrible ending). However, heroes grow through adversity and Luo Binghe… definitely has a lot more tragedy in his future. And Shen Qingqiu’s system limits his actions.

The sometimes-angsty but also very touching story of a master and disciple. This novel contains BL that verges into yaoi only in the last chapter or so and in some extras. No harem though there are mentions of original!Luo Binghe’s harem. Very slow build romance but definitely worth the wait.

Contents (complete, around 95 chapters + extras)

Chapter 1     Chapter 2     Chapter 3     Chapter 4     Chapter 5     Chapter 6     Chapter 7     Chapter 8     Chapter 9     Chapter 10     Chapter 11     Chapter 12     Chapter 13     Chapter 14     Chapter 15     Chapter 16     Chapter 17     Chapter 18     Chapter 19     Chapter 20     Chapter 21     Chapter 22      Chapter 23     Chapter 24     Chapter 25     Chapter 26     Chapter 27     Chapter 28     Chapter 29     Chapter 30     Chapter 31     Chapter 32     Chapter 33     Chapter 34     Chapter 35     Chapter 36     Chapter 37     Chapter 38     Chapter 39     Chapter 40


Chapter 88


Fanart from Chinese fans: This link~

Fanfiction from lovely NUffians: Here~

Quicknotes for Ch. 1-5 for those getting confused (needs to be updated)


45 thoughts on “The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System (ongoing)

      1. Ko-Fi is used to give donations (with donations roughly equal to the price of a cup of coffee) – sometimes I see people have it up & so I was wondering if you had one.

        Regardless, I hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks again!

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    1. sooooorrryy i havent read your last coment….
      omg your are know in a place without any tecnology… like a very zen and relaing place…. meditationd out of fan comments… i wish you a peaceful time xD witout stupid comment (sorry for my bad english… saludos desde chile XP)

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  1. Thank you so much for doing the translating! I just finished the Chinese version a few days earlier and I am really surprised to see this English version! Many words and sentences and concepts are so hard to translate. I never thought that it can be translated so well! Thank you and looking forward to your updates =w=


  2. **Impatience intensifies**

    Hoho, you run a monopoly on translating “The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System”. It really drives me off the edge thinking that everybody’ll have to probably wait a couple years for all the chapters to come out.

    But uh, bless you. Bless your beautiful soul for translating this.

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  3. /bows at your feet. I hope you feel better sooooon……….and continue this soon because I am dying from how addicted I’ve become. I SHOULD HAVE WAITED TO STARt aaaahhHH.

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  4. The gracious and beutiful translater who has bestowed upon us this blessing(not sarcasm but real appreciation)………when will you update……😭.i think binghe has been trapped there for quite a while,and it’s time to bring him out 😂.
    Btw thanks for all the hard work you put in this 💖

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  5. Hahaha i found myself keep reloading this blog many times today ( i lost count ), in hope that after i reload it many times new chapter would appear
    \( ̄▽ ̄;)/
    Thank you for your generous times in translating this novel for us ( people who wanted to read the novel but doesn’t know any chinese) ( • ̀ω•́ )

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  6. I’m curious, but why are there only 40 chapters listed? I remember Novel Updates stating that there are around 80 chapters with extras. Will you add the 40 chapters later or do you plan to only going to translate up to chapter 40? (Sorry if this sounds harsh) If you do have time, can you please translate all of the extras? I read about them in spoilers section for this novel, and the one about the MLs switching places seems very interesting! I hope you update soon! Thank you for all your hard work!


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