Chubby unicorn became a pancake……

So basically I was super exhausted last week and almost collapsed lol. Then my keyboard broke and I was only able to get a replacement this week.

Will get the chapter out this week(end)!

New keyboard is niceeee~


And I’ve recruited a co-translator, only need to catch up to where we’re switching off (in 1-2 ch).

Thank you all for being so patient, mwah~ *throws kisses*

Chubby unicorn’s struggles

…and wrestling with translation again. Issue isn’t footnotes as much as getting tone/wording just right. I’ll also be releasing some other stuff as compensation for being perpetually late ;A;

…your wonderful editor Luen translated a Q&A extra

…I’ve got Chinese fanfics translated

…and maybe more depending on how much I get done

Thanks again and sorry for the wait *chubby unicorn kowtow*