I’m scriptor on NU in case anyone’s confused by the way. You can call me Scriptor or Worshipper A, whichever you like better. :3

Co-translator is readerz! Thank you for saving my bum, let me hug youuuuuu~

Editor is Luen! Thanks for making sense of my grammar and catching my Chinese slip-ups!

Translating whatever catches my interest. Mostly working on brushing up my Chinese skills, which are currently heavily reliant on pinyin and GoogleTranslate.

I’m pretty busy with my job and really only have weekends free to translate, so updates might not be consistent. I’ll try my best! :3

Update schedule (if all goes according to plan):

The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System: Weekly and the main priority project. :3

Teasers: Usually for potential future projects or novels that I really like and want to get someone out there interested in translating. Leaving a log of titles here so I can keep track:

Founder of Diabolism Teaser 2: The smutty one everyone’s been asking for. XD

Heavenly Palace/Court Kindergarten (天庭幼儿园): Likely to be the project I’ll be working on after Scum Villain System. Very short, at something like 20 chapters or so total.

Poor and Humble Sect (小门小派[修真]): The longer novel I wanna translate.


From scriptor on 05/20/19: For any poor soul out there as confused as I am, just know that SV was handed over to BC Novels in its entirety back when the translation project was passed on due to my RL issues. I dunno about this localisation or whatever lol, but if you want copies of my old SV translations for personal reading you can drop me a message on NU or on Discord (thank you discord buddies for the heads-up about this ongoing issue!). I really don’t check this site anymore since I passed on the project tbh, so please don’t leave a message here if you want a response — leave one at one of the platforms mentioned in the previous sentence. 🙂

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello there thank you so much for translating the villain’s self saving system (blabla)! I really enjoy it! If you don’t mind do you usually updates on sundays? I heard you say this at one point, or do you update once a week?? Thank you!! Take your time btw, I’m just a bit curious XD

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