Scum Villain Ch. 4

Couldn’t finish a chapter of With One Smile in time, but for Mother’s Day I come bringing a gift!

Scum Villain System: Chapter 4


28 thoughts on “Scum Villain Ch. 4

  1. Oh, gosh! So many good cnovels these days, and this just so happens to be one of the ones I’m most interested in right now. Why! Why did I not decide to take Chinese in college?! The regrets! Aih! orz

    On the other hand, thanks so much for your hard work! Even if I can’t read the original, the woes of the MC translates wonderfully, and I’m eagerly awaiting to see how the system trolls him. Plus the sweetness of the romance you’ve already promised other readers. ;3

    And also, you’re so sweet! Always responding to your readers and thanking them in your actual releases. *pinches your cheeks!*


    1. Ahhhhh welcome fellow cnovel fan!

      *hugs and dances around*

      I’m glad my translations are okay! I worry about getting the feel of the translation just right sometimes lol, so much of it packs a lot more oomph in the original Chinese because of cultural things and certain phrases. And yes, the system is GUARANTEED to make you laugh more. It’s so evil lol.

      The sweetness is so sweet that you’ll want to pull out your own teeth from the cavities. You get your first hint of it sometime after this coming arc when our MC finally deals with that OOC freeze… that’s all I’ll say for now. XD


      1. W-WHAAAT?! OOC FREEZE?! And sweetness develops? XD Kyah! No! You can’t say that! That you won’t tell me more. Spoil it all for meeee. And there will be these periods where MC acts cold, but other times he’ll be warm and caring?! I was wondering how he was going to win brownie points if he was always a jerk. How confusing for LBH!

        Ah, fine. Fine. I guess others don’t want to be spoiled. I just want all the juicy details about the sweetness, is all! Ufufufu. ;3 (*´▽`*)


      2. *reads spoiler thread* Oooohh… You’re the unicorn! lol. I just recognize your avatar because I was reading the spoilers for Villain Rehab Plan and you had left some wonderful spoilers in that thread as well. Fufufufu~

        I’d spam you with questions, but then I’d have to create an account. And I’m kind of lazy. =A= So maybe when you, wonderful mastermind villain that you are, release more chapters, I’ll just ask questions as they come up. ;Db


      3. Yup, lol. Unicorns are forever~ You can also tell I got really enthusiastic about this novel just by the page numbers. XD

        I think I’ve figured out how to use a spoiler cut with html, so feel free to stalk me if you want more, ahahaha~

        Testing this html thing now…

        Edit: Result is total failure lel. I’ll just make future spoilers with white text and you can highlight to read. LOL


      4. LOL. Ok. Thanks! You’re so sweet! ;Db And no worries, I’m currently going through the Spoilers Thread… I should be sleeping, I have work, ahhhhhh—!`


      5. Y’know, this thread is amazing. I go back at least once a day to refresh, and lo and behold, there’s usually always new posts to read through! ;Db


  2. I’ve always been a lurker when reading light novels, yet your translation seems really interesting for not to comment. Thank you for the hardwork hihi 💚💚


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