Sharing some pretty fanart I found~


Shen Qingqiu
Luo Binghe (grown up)
Shen Qingqiu & Luo Binghe (young!Luo Binghe)
Shen Qingqiu & Luo Binghe (adult)
Full character cast (I can’t seem to flip this image around right, halp)

19 thoughts on “Fanart

  1. click in this order on the edit page: click on the image > you will see a bar with icons click the pencil > A pop up appears click ‘Edit Image’ > Click the ‘Rotate’ icon until it is correct.

    p.s. can you name the characters in order from left to right? =D

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  2. For the full cast fanart, here’s (if I didn’t type down anything wrong) the character name orders from left to right:
    宁婴婴/Ning Yingying
    明帆/Ming Fan
    杨一玄/Yang Yixuan
    木清芳/Mu Qingfang
    齐清萋/Qi Qingqi
    柳溟烟/Liu Mingyan
    柳清歌/Liu Qingge
    岳清源/Yue Qingyuan
    沈清秋/Shen Qingqiu
    洛冰河/Luo Binghe(younger version)
    洛冰河/Luo Binghe(older version)
    尚清华/Shang Qinghua
    漠北君/Mo Beijun
    纱华铃/Sha Hualing
    竹枝郎/Zhu Zhilang
    天琅君/Tian Langjun
    苏夕颜/Su Xiyan
    公仪萧/Gong Yixiao
    秦婉约/Qin Wanyue
    小宫主/Xiao Gongzhu
    秋海棠/Qiu Haitang
    老宫主/Lao Gongzhu

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    1. Oh…..I forgot Haitang and Yan Xingyuan (who was he again?I forgot. Was he also a peak Lord?)



  3. Lemme try the NAMING GAME. Some names are not clear to me so I’m including my OWN PERSONAL descriptions. (pls. Tell me If I got the names wrong cuz I seriously would like to get to know them. They all look so good!!)

    Anyway, from LEFT to RIGHT, I’m guessing…..

    1* Ning Yingying (the wyf not meant to be)

    2* Ming Fan (the 1 hu cant confess to number 1)

    3*God knows who

    4*Mu (the doctor)

    5*Madam Qi Qingqi (allergic to guys)

    6* Liu Mingyan (the sister of the hotheaded potato God of War, and probably Kakashi’s relative cuz of the face mask, veil..or wtvr 8s called)

    7* Liu Qingge (as described above. Have anger issues but loyal to the death.will only give you a “hey!” once he sees u after 5 years)

    8*Yue Qingyuan (the great LEADER OF ALL SECT IN THE WORLD: bold letter for emphasis)

    9*Shen ‘the Shizun’ (description might need 50 pages so…)

    10* Lou Binghe (the still adorable little cuddly clingy puppy-like white lotus)
    11*Ahhhhm…Lou Binghe (the black lotus?) @kill me..I’m not sure@

    12*Shang Singhua (the Airplane guy. All other characters in the picture wants to KILL/ BLAME him for everything. Especially the guy with a fan.)

    13*Mobei Jun (the ‘Let it Go’ demon guy. Shows his affection by beating his human 3x a day)

    14*Sha Hualing (the ‘supposed to be’ one of LBH’s flowers but became his punching bag instead)

    15*Zhuzhi Lang (OMFG with the spelling! Snake servant of TLJ…devoted and forgiving even in revenge.SO Do not hurt the snake)

    16*TianLang Jun (AHHHHH with the spelling again! Claims to be the most handsome by self declaration. Loves humans..thinks papapa should be done by three. Master of misunderstandings) XD

    17*Su Xiyan (LBHs real Mum)

    18*Yi Guangyao (my poor bebe T-T who never had enough novel exposure. Darn you ZZL)

    19* (……….DUNNO HIM)

    20*Angry girl with a whip (another flower forgotten by the thorn)

    21* (heaven help me) Is she the Sister of the one who died during the alliance? The ‘supposedly’ 1st wyf of LBH. Her name sounda lyk Wanrue…something…

    22. ‘Master GROSS of that famous palace. (I hate him. He’s gross and I won’t name the geezer.)


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