NOT A CHAPTER UPDATE. New poll so I sort out translating priorities

Soooo… I will admit that I’m caught up more with Scum Villain System translations more than With One Smile. It has easier Chinese (comparatively) than With One Smile and shorter chapters. Plus it’s simply my guilty pleasure project that I turn to by default.


I’ve gotten a lot more feedback from Scum Villain System than With One Smile, so I’m wondering if anyone out there is still reading With One Smile. I’ll still translate it regardless, but if hardly anyone’s reading it then I’ll probably shift priority to Scum Villain System.


Please take this poll and let me know what you’re here for. I’ve also added it to the polls page. :3




17 thoughts on “NOT A CHAPTER UPDATE. New poll so I sort out translating priorities

  1. I feel so bad for the little mushroom but there are so few good BLs out there and this one, which I just found, is so good a story and the MC is so funny… that I couldn’t care less about the other stories but give the point to the villain orz


    1. Hm, if I’m going to put in my unwarranted two cents, I’d say I’d actually prefer to read Ostentatious Zhao Yao over Mushroom. I read the spoilers on Shusheng Bar, and I wasn’t terribly impressed with how it turns out, lol. 😀 😛 ;D


      1. The victory is pretty clear at this point lol, but I’ll leave up the poll a bit longer. It’s a bit of a relief to me too ahaha. I couldn’t quite bring myself to focus as much on With One Smile as I should have. Too excited about Scum Villain System. XD

        Ahahaha, that’s actually one of the reasons I found With One Smile difficult to translate. I want fluff, darn it. I might take Ostentatious Zhao Yao over With One Smile in the future, so thanks for your tip. 😀


      2. Fluff makes everything better! Yes!

        Oh, the author of Zhao Yao is Jiu Lu Fei Xiang. I was checking the page just for the chapter count and saw her name. Lame of me not to notice earlier. On the other hand, it has a total of 81 chapters? Naww. Scum Villain has the more unique plot, so allow me to be selfish and ask that you follow your heart and give precedence to it. :Db


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