With One Smile Ch4, Scum Villain System Ch3

Mweheheheh, I bring two updates even though I’m late…?

*ducks and hides*

With One Smile Chapter 4

Scum Villain System Chapter 3

Also, I skimmed MTL for With One Smile. The chapters are super long so I don’t think I’ll ever be able to crank it out weekly. 😦

Still going to churn it out as fast as I can though lol, our ML for With One Smile shows up in Chapter 10-ish. I wanna get us there stat. ^_^


11 thoughts on “With One Smile Ch4, Scum Villain System Ch3

  1. Thank you for your effort! ‘Scum Villain System’ truly is one of the most promising novels I’ve encountered recently ❤ I wonder how the relationship between mc and Luo Binghe is going to develop…

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  2. AAHHHH Scriptor!!! Thank you so much for your hard work!
    Coincidentally, you happened to update the one novel that I’ve been obsessing over for weeks on my birthday so this was a very unexpected but incredibly awesome gift! (Perhaps I’m being presumptuous in treating this as a present, haha, but it really is like a gift from the gods – I feel so blessed right now (♡´͈༝`͈)ฅ˒˒)
    Thanks for bringing light to my world ❤️ Lol am I being to dramatic? I’m over the moon right now because your chapter was such a timely and precious reprieve from the exams and reports I’ve been buried under these two weeks (and for the next two too “OTL )
    Cheers and take care of yourself, Scriptor (or do I refer to you as Worshipper A?)


    1. Happy Birthday! Didn’t know I had such good timing ahahahaha, but glad you liked it. *hugs and gives flowers and chocolates and stuff*

      Take care of yourself! Exams and reports are no fun. I always felt like I got run over by a tractor after I finished lol.

      Yup, you can call me Scriptor. Worshipper A was just a name I came up with when making this WordPress site ahaha. ^_^


  3. Thanks for the awesome translation!!! In this chapter, Luo Binghe has to go carry water back to the peak later on. I think there was a mixup between 跳 and 挑 since their pinyin are identical. Also, Shem Qingqiu’s retort to the system was that Ning Ying Ying is the only one to refer to ML as Ah Luo.
    PS: Can I help u translate >x< pls~~~~~~ promise I'll be on my best behavior!! #dyingtoreachravinescene #imanangstlover #imnotcompletelysane


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