Scum Villain System Ch. 6 & news

Hiya all!

Thank you for participating in the poll! Scum Villain System won by a landslide, ahahaha~

So update schedule will focus on Scum Villain System (aiming for weekly releases) and other novels will be put as lesser priorities.

Also, we’ve got a new editor! Yay for Luen! Some of the earlier chapters will be smoothed out as we go, but I’ll make sure to add in TN if a past chapter’s been edited.

And here’s your weekly dose of squeeee~

Scum Villain System: Chapter 6


17 thoughts on “Scum Villain System Ch. 6 & news

  1. Yayy!I’m really looking forward to the novel!
    I hope I can get to the good parts asap ❤
    Please don't even drop this novel T_T
    I'm supporting you all and thank you very much for all your efforts!:)


  2. I was in the middle of writing a comment last night when I fell asleep, aiiiy.

    I guess, it’s a good thing that the system didn’t penalize SQQ for not punishing LBH. Not only do you have major, uhh, “quests”/”events” that you must ensure will come to pass, but to even have to do something so distasteful as raising your hands against someone you don’t want to? That would suck. But then again, it’s not really clear

    I’m more curious about whether or not SQQ will also try to reform his little minions? Will he try to redirect Ming Fan’s (and the nameless blobs who follow his leadership) misguided jealousies and overt animosity into an energy that’s more productive, turn him into a decent person, and therefore avoid his own unlucky fate? Only the pegasus knows!


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