Demon King Chapter 1

Demon King Chapter 1 (Prologue)

TN: My first ever translation project! I liked this novel’s summary a lot but got tired of waiting for someone with better skills to translate. Warning ahead of time that some things do not translate well when moving from Chinese to English. Not to mention that my Chinese comprehension is barely better than GoogleTranslate, cough cough… Oh well, enjoy~


Edit: Found out there’s another translator who’s active for this series lol. We’ll get something sorted out. ^^


Ben’s seat is undying and ever-ascending, the Three Realms are large, the universe unending, and there has never been anyone to compete with me.” A black shadow quietly lies on the lava bed, playfully grabbing a bunch of crimson lava, “and you, a weak woman, want to undercut my seat?”

Coldly grasping an icy longsword, the swordswoman stands in midair, her lips curved higher than the demon king’s in arrogance: “DongFang QingCang, but you don’t dare to accept my challenge?”

“Hahahaha! Don’t dare?” DongFang QingCang laughed to the skies, broiling hot lava rising from the center of his left palm, strong flames erupting into the air and condensing into a fiery red longsword, bringing forth a scorching breath that gave the woman’s cloth gown a shake. “Red woman, the bunch of wastes in Heaven made you the Heaven and Earth’s God of War, if you dare to be ambitious for ben’s seat, it seems like you have some small measure of skill.”

DongFang QingCang smiled so lightly his eyes seemed to close, standing up, his long silver hair fell to his ankles, one step out and the volcano under his feet quivered and shook in great fear.

“What a coincidence, today is boring.” DongFang QingCang said, raising his wrist, the blazing longsword covering half his face, from the corner of his eyes demonic energy radiates out. “Ben has been getting lazy, come on I’ll give you a try.”

“Demon King.” The red woman’s hand holds the icy longsword, “Underestimating the enemy is a tactical mistake.”

DongFang QingCang grinned widely: “To the weak side it is a mistake.” His blood-red eyes flashed with a cold light, comparable to the firelight cast by the blazing flames like many tigers’ teeth, full of ferocity, “Ben never makes mistakes.”

The ancient Demon King and the red woman’s battle, caused heaven and earth to lose their color and day and night to reverse, even the stars and time affected by the disturbance. But it was also that battle, causing the Demon King who had run wild in the Three Realms to suffer defeat under the sword of the red woman. Since then the red woman has gained renown as the God of War, and DongFang QingCang after that battle sustained heavy injuries, finally killed by Gods and Buddhas.

The demonic people afterwards were driven to a dead land, difficult for them to rise up ever since.

“Is DongFang QingCang dead?”

“The Demon King is an undying god, not in the cycle of reincarnation, his soul will not disperse, when the opportunity is right, he will come again.”

An orchid planted in a pot shook its leaves: “Then when will he be back? Master… I’m scared to death……”

“Won’t let him come back.” SiMing raises her brush to write, “I, Heaven and Earth, and the current God of War Mo Xi, including the little brothers who watch the South Gate, and the Celestial Maidens who watered you yesterday won’t let him come back, so relax your heart, you won’t die, be good.”

But listening to SiMing lightly brush over these events of ancient and distant times, Xiao LanHua cannot imagine that, one day she will happen to really meet the Demon King, reversing the Three Realms again. Even more unlikely that she will be face-to-face with this big leader of demons and say hello, glare at each other.

But what she really cannot work her brains to even think of is –

One day, she will use this unaging and undying, full of boundless demonic energy, this big demon’s…


—End Prologue—

Ben = lordly way of referring to yourself. Kinda like ‘ore-sama’ in jnovels. You’ll see this a lot with princes and other high-ranking characters or someone arrogant.

Three Realms = according to Chinese mythology, there are three realms: Heaven, Hell, and the mortal plane. Hell has nothing to do with Christianity’s version as it’s where all dead people go before re-entering the reincarnation cycle.

Seat = can be a synonym for ‘place’ as in rank.

Icy longsword = the character used is ‘寒’ or ‘han’ in pinyin. It’s more accurately referring to the sword as full of cold energy rather than frost or ice. DongFang’s summoned sword is the opposite of hers elementally. The word used to describe their swords translated to yataghan according to a dictionary I used, but I’m using longsword because it’s simpler. More info on yataghans here.

Demon King = Pinyin is something like ‘mo jun.’ I might use mo in later chapters depending on preference.

Demonic energy = ‘mo qi’ or mo energy.

DongFang’s death = the words used is ‘斩杀,’ which seems to mean beheading? But I’m using ‘killing’ since I’m not sure.

Xiao LanHua (or literally, little orchid) = we’re talking about Chinese orchids, not the ones shipped from South America. Also yes, little orchid is our female protagonist. XD

To Chapter 2


4 thoughts on “Demon King Chapter 1

  1. Hurray for a new translator in the c-novel community! Please don’t underestimate yourself–your translated text (in English) flows very well, and even if Chinese comprehension is a bit hard for you now (though I sincerely doubt that’s it’s barely above that of the Google translator, lol), other translators and readers have mentioned that it gets easier in time (with exercise). So please don’t give up!
    Thank you for taking the plunge and for choosing this novel. Like you, I’d been curious about “Demon King” for a long time (based on the summary/comments at shushengbook bar. Also, after reading “Sansheng” and “Mulberry Song” by this same author, I trust her writing.)
    Okay, now a little FYI. As you may see on the C-novel update aggregator novelupdates, bananachocolatecosmos has just started translating this novel this year. (She had posted the prologue a long time ago, as an one-off, I believe, but then people kept asking for a complete translation of the novel, so finally, she picked up the project and posted the 1st chapter on January 1st.) However. She says she’s very busy and can only manage to post updates every 2 weeks, and that she might even split the chapters in 2 parts if they are long. So maybe she’ll post just one complete chapter each month?
    In any case, I thought I should let you know. Maybe you can work together, or maybe you can just let her know that you’d like to take over the project and ask for her help with translation checking? So that you don’t both do the same work when there are so many other C-novels that readers are yearning for to be translated, lol. Just please don’t be discouraged, and like I said before, I hope you won’t give up the project. I know it might seem greedy, but from a reader’s perspective, it’s hard to get just 1 or 2 translated chapters a month, especially when the novel is kind of long like this one (90 chapters, right?).
    Anyway, I’m cheering you on! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, I just went on NU and found out myself that she was actively translating, ahaha. I posted a message on bananachocolatecosmos’ page and hopefully we’ll get something sorted out, whether it’s two versions of translations like for some other cnovels (I think I’ll be a bit faster with updates) or a collaboration or something else. Thanks again for the encouragement — I can always wander around for more untranslated cnovels to work on from Sushengbar lol. XD

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Oh my goodness, yes, there are many awesome-sounding (untranslated) novels on Shushengbar, like Chong Zi, A Match Made in Heaven, Ancient God… really too many. 🙂 I hope you manage to work out something that works best with you, whether it means continuing with this novel in whatever form (alone or in collaboration) or starting with a new one. Either way, good luck! I am very excited for your future updates.


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