*headdesks like a pro*

Ugh, wai does this happen to me and just when it’s getting warm, too……

More when I can actually get out of bed without bumping into walls like I’m drunk.


Status update


Steamrolled by HW and trying to edit the chapter. Will have it out by either late today or tomorrow.

*chugs tea like Red Bull*

Status update & poll

So I’m still working on Scum Villain Chapter 29, but I’d like to conduct a poll for something that’s bugging me for a while.

Shizun’s clothes.

I’ve mentioned before that the Chinese word used, qing (青) can mean blue or green depending on context. I initially used blue, but now I’m thinking maybe green would be a better fit since the theme of Qing Jing Peak and our Shizun here is bamboo (which is also green).

What do you think? Please let me know!

Poll will be open for a week. Hope I’ll get Ch 29 out before Sunday~