Quick update 2

ugh dying, it’s like 2:00AM and I only just finished 2 chapters. Note to self: check chapter length next time.

So good news is that two are finished and I’ll post after I get some sleep. I’ll likely translate and release the 3rd chapter before the weekend to be merciful. Plus I’ll be working on getting out that FOD smut teaser some of you having been asking about.

Bad news is that 2/3 chapters promised are done, and I’ll be posting after I get some sleep and add page jumps for the references.


Thanks y’all for your understanding, this chubby unicorn is going to…. zzzzzzzz


Quick update

3 chapters will be out today or tomorrow depending on how much I have to fact-check. Early Happy New Year all!

Merry Christmas!

As the title says, Merry Christmas! Or Happy Holidays, whichever suits you best. ❤

No chapter this time because I’m stocking up for a 3 chapter release this coming weekend for New Year’s. Plus it’ll avoid getting you all stuck on a cliffy.

Have a cute Pusheen for being wonderful people~

Even when words fail, I can always count on my favorite feline to prevail: Pusheen!

Delayed update…

…because I have finals. And a job. *keels over*

Never fear, I’ll still try to get a chapter out ASAP. :3

Also, I’ll just warn you all ahead of time that you should prepare some tissues in about 2 chapters. ^_^