Ostentatious Zhao Yao Prologue


I am a great female Demon King, notorious for many years.

Those famous righteous faction members of the Jianghu who want to see me leave quickly from this world, don’t know how many waves of them have left the world themselves and died. But I have always been living very well, maybe because my fengshui is very good. But just when I was about to ascend to the peak of another level in cultivation, I……


By an ugly and clownish doorman from my own faction… I was eliminated.

I just can’t think it through, my heart keeps obsessing over it and I can’t enter the reincarnation cycle. Here in the middle of heaven and earth, swaying back and forth in the countryside amid the tips of the green grasses, I’ve become a typical ancient wandering ghost. Every day and night, always circling the painted grave and chanting three regrets.

First circle: Not ruthless enough with the so-called same-faction members and was too noble towards them.

Second circle: Was overly confident and arrogant, not given to the vigilance that preemptively destroys disasters waiting to happen.

Third circle: A hundred years ago, no matter what I should not have given that ugly clown money under his door, only to end up with my life gone due to him……


—End Prologue—


Demon King: In Chinese, this is a genderless title. Only thing raws did was plant a ‘female’ in front of it.

Jianghu: Rivers and lakes literally, but it’s mostly used as a term for the martial arts world. If you’ve been reading a lot of wuxia stuff you should know this already. XD

Fengshui: Literally wind and water, but is a term used for obtaining good juju by arranging things (usually stuff in your house) a certain way so energy flows well and ‘luck’ accumulates. Basically. ^_^


Chapter 1

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