Founder of Diabolism: Teaser 1

Teaser (end of chapter 86 meshed with corresponding part in chapter 87)

He really wanted to show Lan Wang Ji the places where he grew up, played, let loose and rolled around, made mischief, got into fights, caught pheasants, and then watch every change in Lan Wang Ji’s expression.

Wei Wu Xian said: “Lan Zhan! Look at me, look at this tree.”

Lan Wang Ji finished his biscuit, folding the oil-paper into a neat little square. He looked in the direction his finger pointed. It’s a regular tree some decades old.

Wei Wu Xian said: “I’ve climbed this tree before.”

Lan Wang Ji said: “Just now as we were on the road, you climbed every tree along the way.”

Wei Wu Xian said: “This is a different tree! I climbed this one after I arrived at Lotus Dock, it took me most of the night to climb. My apprentice-sister took a lantern out to look for me, afraid I would fall down and in case she could catch me. But her arms were so thin, what could she catch? I still fell down and broke a leg.”

Lan Wang Ji said: “Why climb trees in the middle of the night.”

Wei Wu Xian said: “There isn’t a why. This you know, I just like to do whatever I want in the middle of the night. Haha.”

Climbing up along the branches, he continued to the top of the tree. Wei Wu Xian said to below: “Nn, it’s just about this spot.”

He buried his face in a thick, lush clump of leaves and glanced down. With a loud voice carrying a bit of a smile: “Someone so tall; looking at you now, you’re not so tall after all.”

When he looked below, Wei Wu Xian’s view was blurry.

Lan Wang Ji stood beneath the tree, his hands raised towards him.

He is also wearing white. He isn’t carrying a light. But, the moonlight shining on him makes his entire body bright.

His head raised, his focus so intense towards the treetop, walking closer another few steps underneath the tree before raising both his hands again.

In this moment, Wei Wu Xian had a strong feeling. He thought that if that year, he fell.

His heart voiced: “If he catches me, then I……”

Thinking of “Then I,” these two words is enough for him to make a move.

Seeing him fall so suddenly from the tree, Lan Wang Ji’s eyes opened wide and he strode forward and reached up. Wei Wu Xian turned in midair, “Aiyo haha” so he would be caught sooner. Or in other words, he expects a lot.

Lan Wang Ji’s body is slim and he looks like a scholarly gentleman, but his strength is not small. Not only is his arm strength amazing but his stability is even better. But since it’s a grown man rushing down, when he caught Wei Wu Xian, he stumbled a little and retreated a step. But it’s only when he regains stability that he relaxes enough to let out a breath. When he was about to push away Wei Wu Xian, he found that however he pushed, he wouldn’t move.

Wei Wu Xian’s arms looped around his neck, not letting him move. He can’t see Wei Wu Xian’s face.

Wei Wu Xian also can’t see his face, but there’s no need to look. He closed his eyes and breathed in the enveloping sandalwood scent of Lan Wang Ji’s body.

He said: “Thanks.”

He’s not afraid of falling. These years, he’s fallen many times. But falling down on the ground is still painful.

If there was someone to catch him, then it would be great.

Hearing him say thanks, Lan Wang Ji’s entire body stiffened. The hand he was about to put on Wei Wu Xian’s back hesitated then retreated.

Calmly, Lan Wang Ji said: “No need.”

They embraced for a good long time before Wei Wu Xian separated from him. Standing, he’s a hero again, the moment lost, and he is once again capable of doing anything. Said: “Let’s go back!”

—End Teaser—

*everyone has multiple names in this novel, it’s so tiring sometimes lol. Lan Wang Ji = Lan Zhan.

*actually pinyin word is ‘bing’ which is kinda a roasted pancake biscuit thing. I’m calling it biscuit for now. Takeaway food like the biscuit usually comes with an oil-paper wrapping so your hands and the food don’t get dirty.

*Lotus Dock: Lianhua Wu. These words make no sense to me…MTL FTW lol.

*Aiyo: kinda an expression of alarm. WWX is such a troll lol.

*hero: hao han. Good Han person literally, but meaning is this basically lel. It sounds cooler in Chinese.

*Lan Wan Ji/Lan Zhan (ML) has an aversion to Wei Wu Xian (MC) saying thanks for a reason to be disclosed later.


10 thoughts on “Founder of Diabolism: Teaser 1

  1. Goshh they are soo..soo cute together 💜💜
    Do you plan to post the episode of their smutty scenes ? Or just teaser compiling? Anyway thank youu so much i hope there will be more. I read the translation, but i don’t mind seeing them already loveydovey together XD
    And thank you for translating Scum villain system as well, those two are my precious as well

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