With One Smile, The Sword Tramples the Mushroom (dropped)



The universe consists of six worlds, divided into Heaven, Demon, Fairy, Spirit, Human, and Yin.

The human world has a Tian Yan Mountain, the mountain has a Duan Hun Cliff, the side of the cliff has a small dirt mound, on the small dirt mound is an evergreen tree, below the tree is a bit of…… lingzhi.

Just managed to gain a little soul and consciousness, so dry and flat, such a fearful little lingzhi. Every day she sees people she is terrified and will chant: Don’t stew me into soup, don’t stew me into soup……

“What an ugly mushroom.” People wrinkle their brows, then leave.

This used-to-be little lingzhi was the laughingstock of the others on Duan Hun Cliff until one day, a flash of white light descended from the skies to right away let her gain 100 years of cultivation and become human, turn into a tender little baby to be picked up by people.

“Where did this baby come from in this Duan Hun Cliff?” People are very curious and unclear but at a glance the many extremely ugly mushrooms are gone. Laughing: “Then…… you will now be called Gu XiaoMo.”

Ancient little mushroom [Gu XiaoMo]? Little mushroom [XiaoMo Gu]?

[TN: A very unfortunate pun for our heroine in the original Chinese. The ‘Gu’ that is her family name translates directly to ‘ancient,’ which isn’t so bad. But her first name XiaoMo means Little Mushroom. And if you flip her name to the Western style of first name then last name, her name becomes XiaoMo Gu which sounds like the full noun pronunciation of the words for ‘little mushroom’ in Chinese. XD]

Your grandma! One full circle later, she is still that dried out bunch of mushroom!

*Heaven, Demon, Fairy, Spirit, Human, and Yin: Literally shen, mo, xian, yao, ren, and yin or 神,魔,仙,妖,人,阴 in the original Chinese.

*Tian Yan Mountain: something like Sky/Heaven Developing Mountain? I dunno, direct translation can be weird. XD

*Duan Hun Cliff: Broken Soul Cliff.

*lingzhi: a kind of mushroom used in traditional Chinese medicine that grows on trees. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lingzhi_mushroom

Extra bit (courtesy of Shushengbar and not translated by me~)

 It turns out that he and her were both monsters. Under this big sky, it is afraid that there is no space to hold them. 

What is spirit, what is demon, what is immortal, what is mortal? 

 After expending all their efforts and everything they had, all the two monsters wanted was to gain some warmth from each other. 

 For love and justice! Little Mushroom! Transform!

*Source: this page on Shushengbar. Just borrowed the picture and the extra bit.

Contents (70 chapters + epilogue + specials/special ending; completed)

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