Scum Villain: Chapter 33

Hi, everyone. This is Reika of BC Novels, also known as readerz.

As you probably know from the status updates, the original translator is ill. Our dear chubby unicorn is working on chapter 32 and has turned over the project to me. I have been working on it since chapter 31. I am releasing chapter 33 now to reassure everyone that this project hasn’t been abandoned, nor is it in hiatus.

Anyway, the point is that everything is fine and there will be regular updates from now on.

Chapter 33.

Scum Villain: Chapter 31


This chapter is on time for once because of her. *hugs her and dances around*

My turn to translate next week — a not-so-mystery bun’s going to make an appearance in Chapter 32~

But I digress, here’s the chapter:

Chapter 31

Scum Villain: Chapter 30 + news

FINALLY CHAPTER 30 DONE. RIP my sleep because it’s like 10 pages in Word + editing. *cries*

I apologize again for taking so long and for putting everyone on a chapter anticipation rollercoaster — someone told me that my status updates were giving that impression. My status updates are a projection and not a hard and fast deadline, so sorry if I misled anyone. ;-;

Next chapter will be definitely on time because my co-translator (welcome her, she’s saving my bum with updates) readerz already has it ready. This should give me enough buffer time so every chapter will be on time. *fingers crossed*

My RL and health still not so great but I won’t give up on this story! *raises hoof to sky*

Here’s the chapter and thanks for reading the notes:

Chapter 30