Scum Villain: Chapter 33

Hi, everyone. This is Reika of BC Novels, also known as readerz.

As you probably know from the status updates, the original translator is ill. Our dear chubby unicorn is working on chapter 32 and has turned over the project to me. I have been working on it since chapter 31. I am releasing chapter 33 now to reassure everyone that this project hasn’t been abandoned, nor is it in hiatus.

Anyway, the point is that everything is fine and there will be regular updates from now on.

Chapter 33.

32 thoughts on “Scum Villain: Chapter 33

  1. That last sentence had the feel of a head pat.Very consoling. My brain went all, “everything will be ok from now on” you’ve gained one loyal puppy reader.
    (≧◡≦) ♡

    Get well soon our dear unicorn. ❤

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  2. Rest well, chubby unicorn!! I hope that your illness will go away soon. Thank you so much for stepping in Reika! It’s wild to see you here haha


    1. Ah! I had to double check for a second, but you’re right! I shall wait for 32. Less confusion. Thanks for the chapter and get will Unicorn!


  3. OMG i was really worried that i thought this novel had been dropped TT TT.Really thank you for not droppping this.Tho i already tried with google translate its not as good as like translation.


  4. Thank you readerz for not dropping this project!! and I hope that chubby unicorn will get well soon. Both of you don’t push yourself too hard!


  5. ahhh!<3 I'm so glad this has been picked up by BC Novels!!! My best well wishes to Chubby Unicorns health. I am curious though, are you going to be connecting Scum Villain to your patreon in the future?


  6. So… remember 16 days ago when you said there would be regular releases? How regular? Like once a month? Twice a month? Thanks buddy.


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