Scum Villain System: Chapter 22

As some of you might know, I got sick after my trip and that caused a delay in updates. But I’m all good now and I’ll be working on translating more to catch up with missed chapters. Plus there’s a cliffy or two coming up and I want to get through them ASAP… LOL.

Some of you might notice an updated ‘teaser’ section. Once I get caught up, I’ll be translating teasers from other BL cnovels. You’ll probably get to vote on them once I finish Scum Villain System… when I finish…

*flops over and rolls around like a true chubby unicorn*

Anyway, here it is. Thank you all for being wonderful readers!

Chapter 22

10 thoughts on “Scum Villain System: Chapter 22

  1. Omg O was just about to leave a comment asking your well being because you took too long to update and I’m worried! Glad that you’re all better now dear! Welcome back and thanks for pampering us with this update!💕

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