Scum Villain 3 Chapter Release!!

So… I translated Ch. 11-12 and found out Chapter 12 ALSO had a cliffie… So this chubby unicorn grandmaster used up all spiritual power to pump out an extra Chapter 13… *keels over*

Thank you Luen for saving meeeee~

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13


16 thoughts on “Scum Villain 3 Chapter Release!!

  1. Here I am feeling so blue just a moment ago bcs of this shitty bedresting i’ve to suffer but then you just gave me thrice the dosage of boredom-killing!!
    Thank you so much Grandmaster!! *SMOOCHY SMOOCHY ALL OVER UR FACE*

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    And im already lovvvingg this novel omg
    I’m normally impressed by the rate at which you post, but THREE chapters in one sitting???? Can I kiss you?

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