Scum Villain System: Chapter 10 & news

Some of you may have noticed the changed theme among other things since I’ve been trying to fix the comments section. So here are the results:

  1. Fixed the theme.
  2. I can’t get past comments to show up though I have a record of them. ;A;
  3. Current comments should show up. If they don’t, drop me a message. Worst case, you can always comment on the chapter update ‘post.’ Comments always work on the post. For example, this would be a post. The actual chapter is a ‘page.’

And here’s Chapter 10! Next week should be a double release since there’s a frankly unbearable cliffie again. XD


5 thoughts on “Scum Villain System: Chapter 10 & news

  1. Thank you for this new chapter. Well finally some action!!! Iā€™m really curious to see how our Shen QuingQiu will manage to save his character face without straining too much the novel plot and expecially avoiding to make Luo Binghe fall for him instead of the demon girl ^^


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