Scum Villain System Ch. 7-8



Chapter 7

Chapter 8

35 thoughts on “Scum Villain System Ch. 7-8

  1. Uwahhh—! I just got off work. Thanks for the presents, chubby unicorn and Luen!

    Also, Shen Qiuqiu, cover yourself up! Save yourself from the clutches of this nasty evil demon thing! (*/Ο‰οΌΌ*) Don’t confuse your little disciples anymore! Be cool and awesome!

    And when MC said, “Even if something happened, nothing will happen to you … this fact is definitely not false,” I bet it came out sounding like a solemn promise to Luo Binghe, rather than just a simple stating of facts. I wouldn’t necessarily say it came off as romantic, but who can blame LBH for feeling prickled when this older brother/master figure was finally looking out for him and seemed to actually care? Ahh, poor ML. So starved for love and affection! *pats his head in MC’s head*


  2. I don’t know with who ship the MC yet…. A reliable and caring older brother or a cute disciple ….

    Anyway, you are the best for taking your time and translate this novel!!


    1. Ahaha, there’s one more ‘candidate’ coming up soon. But you won’t suffer for long because the main pairing becomes REALLY obvious really soon. If you haven’t figured it out already from the story summary lol.

      Aww, thank you for commenting! ❀


    1. Lol, glad you enjoy it! Luen (godly editor) and I try hard to make it easy to read. We’re working on fixing the earlier chapters too because I DEFINITELY made some booboos there. XD


  3. 2 chappieeee aaaaa~~ ❀ thank you WorshipperA and Luen ❀ Love yaaaaaaa <3<3

    Lol senpai notice you but not really notice you! It's just senpai trying to hug your thigh that he notice you! /Pats Luo Binghe


  4. Thank you .. thank you !! I could kiss you right now ! I always wait eagerly for updates and then I see two chapters ! And no cliffy too . πŸ™‚ Thank you :*


  5. ζˆ‘ι ! ε€ͺε₯½η¬‘δΊ†ε•Š! Enuff Chinese. Stockpile to start my Chinese book review homework.
    Even if it’s fanservice, chapter 7 is…. too… when the yaoi start…


  6. Thank you for these two great chapters!!! Shen Qiunqiu almost learned to exploit the System. He’s really a versatile and smart character. On another note…finaly that damn OOC function is unfrozen!!! And our MC can begin to work changing and managing the plot πŸŽ‰
    And yes Luo Binge is really too cute 😍


  7. Ahh~!
    This is awesome, I hope the story progresses soon xD
    Though I really don’t want the *ahem* ((bad part)) to happen… T_T, I guess that’s inevitable.
    I’m really looking forward for more and for more interactions between the MC and Male Lead. I also hope the MC increases/grasps his powers soon and not be so weak to be captured… At least start to maintain a good image in front of the male lead man xD


  8. I just found your translations and this story is so good I’m screaming XD Thank you so much for sharing!! This story has already given me such immense joy ❀


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