Teaser for another Cnovel

I got nabbed by this super well developed cnovel. T^T

Only catch is that it’s BL (boys love) so it might not be your cup of tea. It’s incredibly slow burn though (even slower than Legendary Master’s Wife if you’ve read it), so I’d recommend giving it a try. The teaser is for a super cute scene towards the end of the novel between the MC and ML. See below for summary and link to the teaser. 😀


The Founder of Diabolism

*summary from NU. And yes, this series is a super slow burn BL but it’s SO GOOD I HAVE NO REGRETS.

The past Wei Wu Xian was notorious and reviled by millions.
His junior brothers brought him to his end in his lair, not leaving his corpse intact.
A generation’s founder of evil magic who once started a reign of terror, was reborn as a…
What’s more, it’s a gay lunatic who everyone hits and yells at!

Teaser 1 (combined scene from Chapters 86-87)


12 thoughts on “Teaser for another Cnovel

  1. Awwwh ^//^ i love this dorky couple so bad imma go crazy waiting
    Aaand thank you soo much for giving this teaser, the slow build gonna kill me for good
    I came here after reading ur activities in FoD spoiler page in NU
    Wonder if u have more time, could you please translate the part when our lovely couple finally do the ‘deed’ aka ‘spring activity’ dayuum >_<
    It's on the very last chapter, right? *deep sigh*
    Now off to read the scum villain~


    1. Lol, I’m tempted to except there’s really only that one explicit scene. It’s being actively translated right now as a series too. ^_^

      It’ll just be a bit of a wait


      1. Seriously?? Just one friggin scene out of 119 ch?? 😂 this one has no extra right? We’re in big need of fanfic then.. Lolol
        Yes, im following it too^^


  2. Hauhauhau i am so excited!! 😂 many BL novels with exceptional plot usually are slow build (and that’s my cuppa tea) but with this couple lol, i’ll blame the too many fanfic videos i’ve watched, makin me imagining things i shouldn’t have 😈
    Owwh thank you thank you so much 😍, but no rush tho, dont let it hinder the scum villain’s update mehehehe


      1. There’s this fanvid i watched a few months ago, the ending scene where WWX helped LW on the bathtub and then LW just pulled him inside, they kissed on the water than the scene skipped to them on the bed and continue OMG 🙈i wasnt expecting it at all i guess i was lucky~
        Oh btw please let me know if you find FF for FoD, i’ve been lookin and found big fat zero!


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