Status update

So I was reminded that two translations of the same stuff going on at once may be confusing to navigate through on Novel Updates. I’ll be dropping Demon King (continued by original translator) and picking up a different cnovel (see Ongoing Polls) or post below for more info.

Of course if you really want spoilers for Demon King I’ll be happy enough to write up a summary for anyone interested. Just drop me a comment. ^^

On to the potential translation projects~

Half-Tried Little Deity: Features a couple with gray morality and hijinx. There is some time travel but it’s justified. The female lead is mischievous and the story’s mostly about her getting picked up by her master and having adventures, meeting the male lead (a powerful demon) along the way. There’s also a kind of side plot BL going on between the two leads’ pets: a snake and a fox.

Ostentatious Zhao Yao: Female lead (reborn in current time) was a dramatic demon queen of sorts in her past life, dying unexpectedly (hence quietly) because of some mishap with a sword. She thinks her trusted subordinate did it when he’s really brutally in love with her and guilty over the accident. He’s now the head demon lord. Lots of misunderstandings and hilarity abound.

With One Smile, the Sword Tramples the Mushroom: I won’t reveal the convoluted background plot I found out via spoilers, but it involves a plain girl (mushroom spirit) and her fated encounter with the male lead, the reincarnation of an almighty dragon god. Spoilers I’ve read warn that the build up is very slow (like 20 chapters in) but the couple is among the loveliest. Rather more serious than the two other series.

Keeping this open for about a week. I might post a teaser chapter from each depending on my mood. ^^


9 thoughts on “Status update

  1. Hello there 🙂
    If you ever pick up a novel that has a slow start or has a large amount of chapters (100+) I suggest summarizing the portion you find irrelevant (especially if it continues to drag). Saves time and effort ^.^

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    1. Very true. I’ve seen some wonderful summaries posted by translators, where they take a very smart pick-and-choose approach… As in (this usually concerns some of the draggy chapters, especially in the beginning, before the story gets going in earnest), the translator actually does a combination of full translation (for say, the dialogues and passages highlighting the romance, or the parts that are particularly relevant to the future plot development) and succinct summarization (for say, flowery descriptions and irrelevant character interactions).

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  2. Argh, worshipper A! I voted for “Zhao Yao” yesterday, but it was sooooo hard. All these novels sound wonderful, with precisely the type of cute-yet-deep romance and really unique characters that I so love to read about. You’re an evil genius with your poll options! But then again, I think it’s more win for your readers, since no matter which novel you choose in the end, it’ll be a good one. 🙂


  3. Hello! I received notice that someone had picked up With One Smile, the Sword Tramples the Mushroom. I’m so happy 🙂 it’s really one of my favorite novels and it’s so nice to see it being given life. I think translating such a long novel is pretty hard – all the best! ❤


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